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Hi Again

Portrait of Aubrey against a brick backdrop
Photograph by Alex

My name is Aubrey. I am a highly skilled Software Developer with expertise in constructing functional, responsive, and accessible web applications.

My specialities include building dynamic, interactive web applications that enhance the user experience and solve real-world problems as these are the issues I am most passionate about. Having experience working with designers and project managers on projects that involve digital assets, I take initiative on said projects through exceptional time management and clear communication.

Aside from programming, I have a distinct passion for everything music. In my spare time, I collect and listen to vinyl. Having built a collection over a decade, I am very proud to have built my own personal library that I share with my closest friends and family.

Below is a list of my favourite records of 2023 so far...

  • Live at Bush Hall - Black Country, New Road
  • Shook - Algiers

Continuing Practice

I have been practicing code since the middle of 2020. After a career pivot from Customer Service to Front-End Web Development, I continue to believe in using my skills for the betterment of my community.

Currently Learning: TypeScript, Wordpress, SQL

If you are hiring, or simply want to collaborate on a project of any kind, I am reachable via email. Thank you.

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